feetDo you ever feel like life is a balancing act and you aren’t sure how to keep from falling? Do you have a desire to improve your well being but don’t know where to start? Foot zone therapy is a wonderful tool to help you find more balance and direction in your life.

Your entire body is mapped out on your feet, and reflexology, acupuncture and other holistic methods will use points on the feet to treat ailments elsewhere in the body. Foot zone therapy is similar, but treats the whole body instead of just specific points. A full foot zone can help recognize and respond to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states and imbalances.*

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*I don’t claim to diagnose or cure any disease or imbalance. I believe the body knows how to heal itself and foot zoning and other tools can stimulate the natural healing process, but legally I can’t diagnose or cure anything since I’m not a doctor.