What is reflexology?

Did you know your entire body is mapped out on your feet? Did you know that your body can usually heal itself without relying on pharmaceutical drugs?

Reflexology is an ancient process which uses points on the feet to send messages to corresponding parts in the body. When the body isn’t doing what it is supposed to do, triggers (like tiny knots in your back) can be felt in the feet. Reflexology is often used to target specific points on the feet to help specific points in the body.

What is foot zone therapy?

Zone therapy is a more than just reflexology. A foot zone usually takes 30-40 minutes and covers the entire foot, top and bottom, and thus covers the entire body rather than just problem areas. It is very useful for preventing and identifying problems throughout the entire body. The system that I use taught by Family Foot Reflexology not only includes correlating the points on the foot with the parts of the body, but also links these ailments to mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

For a more detailed explanation of what reflexology and zone therapy is, visit the Family Foot Reflexology site.

Why use essential oils?

Foot zone therapy is very useful in sending the body messages to target areas that need attention. To further accentuate this message sent to the body, essential oils can be put on the foot as well. For example, if there are lots of triggers in the eye point on the foot, the area can be massaged out (like massaging out knots in your back) and an essential oil like lavender could be applied to the foot to send an extra strong message to your body to pay more attention and send help to that area. The oils can also be diffused into the air or applied topically to the trouble area. Here is a post that talks about some of the common myths about oils applied to feet.

Do you really believe that emotions are what cause physical ailments?

I’ve found that most people will agree that stress causes illness, but often the specific type of stress isn’t defined. When I first learned about this idea, I admit I thought it sounded a little silly. But I’ve since seen enough “proof” to understand that our physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental sides are much more closely connected than we usually realize. The jump from emotions to physical symptoms seems like a long shot, but it doesn’t need to be. Think of a time when you felt really happy, really sad, afraid, or another strong emotion. Did it create a difference in your body? The short term effects of emotions on our body (and the hormones within it) are pretty readily accepted. We can even track where those hormones come from and where they go. So if a powerful emotion can have such a big effect on us at the moment we are feeling it, doesn’t it make sense that less potent emotions can still have an impact, even if it takes longer to notice it? When we are sick, our body is trying to tell us something. Sometimes it is just forcing us to slow down and get better, but often the message is more specific. The illnesses that are caused by emotional stress are rather symbolic in nature. Shoulders relate to bearing burdens, ears relate to understanding and listening, eyes relate to how we view the world, and so on. What is really awesome about making these connections is that we can treat the root cause of the problem rather than just treating symptoms that will keep recurring. While I’m not ready to go as far as to say that all illnesses are caused by emotions (I know some who will say that confidently), I can definitely agree that it is a cause far more often than we usually give it credit. For more information, you can check out this study or the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

Can you help me with ____?

I’ve been learning lots of great tools to help people mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I enjoy opportunities to share these tools and ideas during foot zones. I know that if these tools are applied, they will help you to find more health, happiness, joy and well-being in life as they have for me. I’ve had people have a dramatic reduction in pain or feel like they’ve had a chiropractor adjustment right after a foot zone. I do think that this is one of these things that is more effective if you are more open-minded to the ideas behind it. I also know that the tools I have will be of little value if they aren’t applied. While foot zone therapy can help to prevent and identify any type of illness, the effectiveness is very individual and ultimately God’s will plays a large role. However, I believe God loves us and wants us to be happy and enjoy life and will help us to obtain that happiness if we are willing to follow the formula prescribed. Contact me for a free strategy session to see if I can help you better.

What are your qualifications?

I’m a certified Foot Zone Therapist and Instructor through Family Foot as well as member of the Utah Foot Zone Association.

I was attuned to Reiki in the Traditional Usai Style with additional training in Lightning Lotus.

I try to practice what I preach and apply principals of clean and healthy living. I’m a mom that believes that intuition can be a powerful and often overlooked tool. I believe in a holistic approach that addresses underlying concerns as well as the symptoms that are causing discomfort.

Is this FDA Approved?

No. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or cure any illness or malady.

Does that bother you?

No. One of the big differences between an allopathic (western medicine) approach to health and a holistic (traditional) one is the differences in certification. The FDA and other sources set rules and standards for what is approved in allopathic medicine and as such, as well as regulating what and who can treat, cure or diagnose. This has been fantastic in keeping many people safe from harmful substances and their research helps people to make informed decisions. I also believe that God has put many beneficial things on earth that may help us when used properly, even if they don’t fit into the testing and offer sufficient “proof” for organizations like the FDA. Government organizations try to take care of everyone as best they can, but they can’t always account for individual needs and circumstances in what often becomes a one size fits all approach. I believe that I have stewardship over my own body and am qualified to make decisions regarding my own health care. I believe everyone has that right and ability, and can learn (if they don’t already know) to understand their body and its needs. I trust myself and don’t need to rely on an organization to tell me what my strengths, weaknesses, abilities or needs are.

Do you personally know anyone who has healed while trusting themselves over and official diagnosis?

Yes. Lots. Some from minor things like a sore throat, ear infection, cold, flu, back pain, and much more. I have a close friend that healed her breast cancer naturally and a family member that was diagnosed with prostate cancer and after treating it through diet, herbs, foot zoning and other natural means. At a recent visit he was told the original diagnosis must have been incorrect because the cancer has been diminishing without chemo and radiation and the doctor doesn’t understand it.

Don’t misunderstand, I think doctors and their training and knowledge are excellent and I encourage you to use them as a resource. But for myself, I believe that I can receive direction directly from God to guide my life. If God says follow the doctor, I’ll do that readily. If He directs me to try something else, I’ll do that. I encourage all people to make the best decision for their health with all the resources-natural, allopathic, or otherwise-they have available.