I have invested money in a lot of fantastic programs, and believe I also have great programs and offerings worth spending money on. But there are also some amazing things available for free! Here is a compilation of some I’ve found:

Sample Session with Me

In case you hadn’t seen it elsewhere on my site, I offer a free introductory session. So, maybe you have been hearing about Foot Zone Therapy, Reiki, Light Therapy, Tapping and all this other stuff and felt interested in learning more or trying it out but aren’t ready to invest until you’ve tried it. Or maybe you already know about those modalities and are just searching for the right practitioner or teacher. Whatever your situation, contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.


Family Foot Reflexology and Soul Intuition

Sign up for the email list and get invited to amazing webinars on a variety of topics from decluttering your home, emotional clearing, healthy eating and so much more! Poke around the pages for other goodies and free stuff.


Mindvalley Academy

Want to be invited to some amazing free online masterclasses with world renowned experts and healers? You can get some life changing tools, as well as a chance to explore lots of methods and modalities. And if you feel drawn to it, sign up for their special deal on their program at the end of the class.


The Tapping Solution

There are lots of great resources to learn tapping, and this is one of them. Explore the site, sign up for the email list and get on the fast track eliminating false and limiting beliefs. And make sure you tune into the annual world tapping summit too. Its amazing!


Dressing Your Truth and The Child Whisperer and The Carol Blog

Want to learn about energy profiling? Want to see how it can help you understand yourself and those you love? Carol has tons of free stuff, including a weekly podcast on the Child Whisperer. These tools can help you heal damaged relationships (or prevent damage) and love yourself and others for who they really are. It will also help you see beauty and strength in what you thought were weaknesses.


Vibrant Hope

Raychelle does mentoring and healing work with a Christian perspective. She is a treasured friend and mentor. The tools and techniques she shares are simple and easy for any Christian to grasp regardless of their experience or affinity to energy work. Sign up for her email to get tips to help you release and move forward. Sometimes the small and simple things will be immensely more powerful and long lasting than other offerings out there.


Thoughts Alive

Ready to embrace an abundant life and change your perspective on life? In addition to an awesome blog and newsletter, Leslie Householder had an amazing story and three fantastic books. Two of her books are free to download so download the Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures to start changing your thoughts so you can change your life.


Facebook Pages that will make your newsfeed inspiring instead of draining:

Law of Attraction For Wealth

Vibrant Hope

Soul Intuition

Tammy Ward