So, you’ve heard about foot zone therapy, but don’t know what it is or what to expect. I hope to answer some of your questions here. For more information check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact me.

What To Expect

During your foot zone, you don’t need to do too much. You get to sit comfortably in a chair while I work on your feet. There may be a foot bath or lotion to help soften the feet. I may use essential oils, massage stones or other tools to help you get more out of the zone. As I go through the foot, I’ll be looking for triggers. Triggers may feel like tiny knots or “crunchies”.  The person receiving the foot zone may also experience tenderness in a trigger area. These indicators can help us identify problems and I can give you tools to help you fix them.

What Do You Want Out Of It?

The neat thing is that you – the one receiving the foot zone- get to choose what you want to get out of it. I like to think of it as different levels of participation. Kind of like attending a class, you can come and day dream the whole time or choose to soak in some of the info. But more like a class where you get an amazing foot rub during the whole session.

Level 1-You get an amazing foot massage

Level 1.5-You get an amazing foot massage and good company

Level 2-You get an amazing foot rub and through the reflex points your body can “wake up” and stimulate the natural healing process as well as balancing the systems of the body (this will will happen even if you day dream the whole time, but you can choose to believe the foot zone relates to your improved health or think it is a coincidence)

Level 3-You get an amazing foot massage, your physical body will be more balanced and you can identify problem areas as identified on the foot and link it to probable causes, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Level 4-As you enjoy your amazing foot massage and identify problems, you can choose to address the stresses that are causing you discomfort. If you decide you are ready to change (remember, if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results), the person giving the foot zone can give you a “homework” assignment so that the balance and well being can be more abundant and continue long after the effects of the foot massage have worn off.

Treating The Whole Self

The idea is to bring the whole body back into balance, not just the part that is acting up. Have you ever hurt one foot, only to discover that it doesn’t take long for the other foot to start hurting because it is trying to compensate? Its the same idea. Your whole body is connected, so if you are experiencing trouble in your digestive system, chances are that it is throwing off other systems as well.

A foot zone will help to stimulate the bodies natural healing process and balance your body. It is also a fantastic tool for identifying problems and preventing them from getting worse. Often problems will be sensed in the foot before the manifest as symptoms.

By identifying the problem areas in our physical bodies, we can also look to common forms of stress that cause problems in that area, then treat the underlying cause (stress, emotional imbalance, spiritual imbalance) rather than just the symptoms (physical discomfort).