Curious? First Session is “pay what you want”!

Foot Zone Therapy (60-90 min)………………..$100


1 hr Energy Healing ………………$100

Light Therapy (20-30 min)…………………………$20

I also teach classes (and offer discounts for those too).

For discounts, set up a free strategy session (I’ll give you a full foot zone while we determine how your needs can best be met. I’ll share some valuable tools, and if I don’t have the tools to help you long term, I hope to refer you to someone who can.)

I’ve spent $1,000s on training, and love helping people. I find people get a lot more out of sessions when they are investing something. Your commitment will help you gain a lot more. To get a significant discount, contact me for a free strategy session. I know that I add value to other people’s lives regardless of their monetary resources, so if you want healing but the price tag scares you, please contact me so we can work out an alternative.

Foot Zone

Foot Zone Therapy is the first modality I learned when I started on my path of natural healing. When you schedule a zone with me, I’m ready to do a lot more than work over 120 points on your feet to help you feel more balanced and whole physically. I can do only that if you like, but I can also incorporate other things if you are interested.

I can include essential oils, emotional and spiritual healing, light therapy, reiki, chakra balancing, energy work and any other tools at my disposal.



Everything is energy. Einstein and quantum physics have been exploring how energy works and effects us for years. Healing modalities have been exploring the possibilities even longer. Reiki is a modality in which positive, healing, relaxing energy is sent to the client. The energy may be received by feeling a hot, cold, or tingling session, or maybe nothing at all.

It is an intelligent energy that knows where to go to promote healing. I may have my hands near the persons shoulders, but they may feel it in their knees. The body knows what is needed for healing and directs the energy accordingly.

When I learned Reiki from Orchid Cameron, I was also trained in ways to help people strengthen their aura layers, intuition and be aware of other energetic messages to promote health and healing.

Reiki sessions can be performed distantly, so you do not need to be physically present to receive one.


Energy Healing Session

These sessions are based upon my training in Carol Tuttle’s Energy Healing Mastery Program. I will also include any other tools and techniques I have at my disposal. It may include guided imagery or meditation, inner child healing, meridian tapping chakra balancing and more.

These sessions may be done in person or over skype (or other similar platform).


Light Therapy

The Elan Light Therapy system is one of the simplest tools I have, yet yields powerful results. Light therapy is non invasive, pain free and helps improve circulation, cellular function, reduce inflammation and much more. If you like, you may listen to a guided meditation, music, or another audio track of your choice during the session. Light therapy can be included with any in person session.

Sessions last 20-30 minutes.